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Xinfa Fund Hot Comments: Market Trends Upward

Xinfa Fund Hot Comments: Market Trends Upward

Source: Kilmox New Development Fund Hot Comments: Fairy fights, rich in variety. Since September, the market has moved upwards, with the Shanghai Index standing at 3,000 points, and the New Development Fund has also picked up.

  The medium- and short-term debt funds that are popular in fixed income in 2018 are still loved by fund companies this year.

As a personal fund company established shortly after the establishment of the company, Hive Fund is mainly focusing on solid income products. Hive Tianmi Short and Medium-term Debt is another new product affiliated with pure bond funds.

  This name is a bit ridiculous, I don’t know, I thought it was customized by Yang Mi.

  The scale of short-term and medium-term debt funds established this year is not high. A small fund company such as Hive must be difficult to raise, but its custodian bank is the Bank of Shanghai.may.

  Compared with 2018, the status of the IMF’s decline in income has continued unabated this year. How about the performance of short-term and medium-term debt funds under the “enhanced version of the IMF”?

  Select statistics show that the average yield of 181 medium and short-term debt funds during the year was 2.


Chang’an Hongyi’s short- and medium-term bond A / C yields approached 20%, but from the perspective of the change in net worth per day, this data is credible.

  Ping An Short Bond A, GF Anze Short Bond A, Huitian Rich Rich Short-Term Bond, China-Europe Short-Term Bond A, Golden Eagle Tianrui Short-Term Bond A, Southern Jiyuan Short-Term Bond A, etc.The returns are below 3%.

  It can be said that short-term debt funds do not earn as much as 5% to 6% during the year as the citizens think. On the contrary, as a substitute product of money funds, the returns are not very good.

  It is recommended that those with low liquidity requirements and low risk requirements, mainly choose pure debt funds, such as Huatai Borui Jijihong, Changan Xinyi enhanced hybrid (although it is called hybrid, but from the perspective of fund manager management, this isPure debt funds).

  Among the long-term pure bond funds, ICBC ChinaBond 1-5 Year Export-Import Bank A / C, Ping An 5-10 Year Policy Financial Bond Bond A / C, Xinyuan ChinaBond 3-5 Year CDB Bond Index A /C, CCB China Bond 5 to 10 years CDB bond index A / C high probability institution customization.

  In the commodity category, the first domestic commodity futures ETFs were approved and new asset allocation tools have arrived.

China Feed Soybean Meal Futures ETF and Dacheng Nonferrous Metals Futures ETF can be studied in advance.

  Dacheng Nonferrous Metals Futures ETF Link A / C will be issued on the 16th.

  Equity Changxin, Tianhong, Guangfa, ICBC and Invesco Great Wall are all issuing three-year pension target funds. Such funds can be regarded as partial debt hybrid funds, suitable for low- and medium-risk investors.

  Huaxia Changyang’s three-year fixed opening mix is a 12-year veteran Cai Xiangyang who joined management. Hearing the name will tell you that this is Cai Cai’s tailor-made body.

  Many star fund managers issued regular open funds this year.

  For such funds that need to be continuously closed, it is better to grind a fund manager, and the branch in the foundation can better detect how many die-hard fans.

  Judging from the performance and management style of President Cai’s previous funds, diehard fans 上海夜网论坛 can buy it with confidence, I believe it will not disappoint everyone.

  Index funds can grind fierce battles on the ETF layout, especially following the favorable policies, such as the Ping An Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Theme ETF, ICBC Credit Suisse Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Innovation 100 ETF, and GF Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater BayDistrict Innovation 100 ETF, Southern Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Greater Bay Area ETF. In investing in Shenzhen, you can use these funds. I have listed the major indexes related to Shenzhen, and the small partners of the fund company ‘s issuing department, can you issue them a little differently?There are many indexes called choices.

  Among the funds to be issued, Xingquan Hetai Hybrid A / C is worth talking about. This is the second 佛山桑拿网 active equity fund issued by Xingquan in 19 years.

  And the fund manager to be appointed is Ren Xiangdong, who previously served as the equity director of Shanghai Equity Department at Golden Eagle Fund.

Its successive Bank of Communications advanced manufacturing mixed for 15 years, 16 years, and 17 years, outstanding for 3 consecutive years.

Management for more than 3 years returns 91.

18%, 66 races above the average race.

  President Ren has recently returned and joined Xingquan. The fund issuance market was lively in October.