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Simple male skin care common sense


Simple male skin care common sense

When it comes to skin care, the first thing that comes to mind is that women’s skin needs care. In fact, men’s skin also needs care and maintenance. For this reason, we will teach men simple skin care tips.

  3 Misunderstandings of TIPS Men’s Face Washing 1.

Wash your face with an alkaline cleanser to remove oil.

  The skin has sebaceous glands and sweat glands. It is a natural protective film, slightly acidic, and has a strong bactericidal skin care effect.

Alkaline cleansers can destroy it and stimulate the sebaceous glands to “produce oil”.

So it is recommended that men generally add soft and gentle facial cleansers to wash their faces.


The face can be cleaned thoroughly with hot water and comfortable in winter.

  If you frequently wash your face with hot water, the “protective film” on your face will be washed off. It is best to clean your face with warm water.

Because the boiling water naturally cools to 20 ℃?
At 25 ° C, the dissolved gas is reduced by about 1/2 compared to before boiling. At this time, the water quality is very close to the moisture in the skin cells, and it is easier to penetrate into the skin.


Wash your face with a towel to get clean.

  Towel loops are dozens of times to dozens of times larger than pores. It is difficult to penetrate into the pores and remove the deep dirt and grease.

Long wet towels are conducive to the breeding of various microorganisms. Washing and wiping a wet towel is tantamount to absorbing various bacteria to the jacket.

It is best to wash your face with a soft cleansing cotton and dry it frequently.

  Clean up once a week!

  A simple cleansing is just to wash away the dust every day, and exfoliate once a week, but the secret to let the sportsman look radiant, let your translucent from the inside out!