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Children grow tall

Children grow tall

First, if you want to increase the food, you should eat more protein, especially foods containing “amino acids”, such as: flour, wheat germ, beans, shrimp, crab, shellfish, seaweed, beef, chicken, liver,Pork leg meat, eggs, milk, cheese and dark vegetables.

  Conversely, white rice, glutinous rice, desserts and other foods should be avoided as much as possible.

It is also good to eat less cola and fruit juice, because it contains more sugar, which will hinder the absorption of calcium, and eating too much will affect the development of bones.

In addition, salt is the enemy of increase, and you must develop the habit of eating less salt.

  Let’s introduce some ideal foods that promote growth, maintain health and body shape: 100% protein: Protein can burn the excess light and quickly out of the body, reduce weight, and increase the body’s resistance to disease and fatigue.

Protein intake has a great substitute for health, which is the common opinion of experts.

Animal-based protein is abundant in meat, fish, and eggs.

Eggs: Among the various animal proteins, eggs are the most important food.

Eggs also have various amino acids that make cells, so if you eat eggs longer, you will definitely have an excellent effect.

Breakfast can’t be saved: Many girls who are afraid of fat ignore breakfast. In fact, in the eyes of westerners, breakfast is the main meal of the day. Breakfast must be eaten regardless of weight.

Eat less snacks: Most snacks such as candy, chocolate, peanuts, etc., contain high amounts of transformation, which is really dangerous. People who do n’t eat snacks do n’t prevent models from biting carrots.

Celery or a small amount of food needs more and less conversion: everyone has appetite, different sizes, both want to satisfy appetite and lose weight, you should choose this kind of food, fruit watermelon, even eat a full stomach,There are almost no free radicals; so do vegetable soups.

Vitamin supply: As mentioned earlier, vitamins are the source of life. For beauty and nutrition, you must supply sufficient vitamins daily.

Drink less: Because of the high volume of alcohol, it replaces the unfortunate burning effect and naturally gains weight.

Do more exercise: Let the excess energy be consumed as much as possible, accumulate in the body, and turn into an aunt.

Eat more lettuce: such as carrots.

Celery and other low-calorie foods, lettuce is said to cook, nutrients are not destroyed.

Many models have the habit of reaching for lettuce at any time.

  Exercise and nutrition: Changgao is not a popular booster on the surface of Dream City. The effect of the booster medicine is mixed, and it is difficult to comment.

However, it is certain that the traditional method of exercise and nutrition is the most natural and safest.

As long as you do as follows, your dream of growing 3 cm tall will come true, and your figure will be more slender.

  Second, as long as the mechanical elevation method is human, the spine is more or less abnormally curved.

If you correct a little (abnormal bending), the joints in each part will be extended, which will increase your height. You should not underestimate how much a joint can grow from bending to straightening. There are so many joints in the human body, and there is less accumulationAnd, of course, considerable.

  Mechanical therapy not only has a significant effect on polio and hemiplegia, but also can treat severe cat backs and O-type feet, replacing the spine to return to normal, improve posture and increase height.

In addition, it can also treat women’s physical irregularities and cold symptoms.

As a result, women in the army are increasing in this kind of beauty gymnastics.

As long as you perform it 3 times a day, after 3 months, you can grow at least 3 cm tall, and your body will become gorgeous. It can be said that it is a beauty gymnastics that kills two birds with one stone.

Put your feet together and make them straight and slender. Move one leg back half a step, and then bend your upper body forward. Don’t bend down so that your fingers can touch the ground. So, do it 15-20 times in a row.

This action can make the thighs and the shrinking lines beautiful and soft, making both legs evenly.

With your feet open 30-60 cm, stand straight up, take one leg back half a step, and twist your upper body so that your fingertips can touch your toes on the other side.

And do it 10-15 times in a row.

This action can make the lines of both wrists beautiful and soft, reduce the waist circumference, and correct the curvature of the spine.

With both feet open 60-70 cm, take one leg back half a step, then lift the stairs up to the same height as the front, and then swing back horizontally.

Twist 7 times in the direction of the long legs and 4 times in the direction of the short legs.

This action can make the waist tighter and more beautiful.

Face upwards, stand 30 cm away, with one leg back half a step, with the heels open, so that your toes are pointed and aligned, then press your hands aside, lift up, and place your hips backwards, holding two togetherGrade, curved legs.

Do it 20-50 times in a row.

This action can make the femoral joints indexed, can cure the unevenness of the legs, and can make the legs beautiful.Make a waist with a length of centimeters and a waist pillow around the ends of your wrists tied to your waist. Take one leg back half a step, sit deep inside the chair, and lean your shoulders back.20 times.
This action can cure fatigue and ulcer soreness, and can shrink the abdomen.

Pick up a rope and take one leg back half a step, and then, in this posture, rhythmically jump 60-70 times.

Rope skipping is a very good whole body exercise, which is of great help to health and beauty. At the same time, it can shrink the muscles of the whole body and increase height.

Sitting on the lower leg, with one leg back 3-5 cm, with both shoulders pulled back, arms straight up, in this posture, tilt the upper body forward, as close to the floor as possible.

Do it 20-40 times in a row.

This action is the most effective exercise for correcting the back of a cat. It can straighten the shoulders and beautify the lines of the wrists.

Sit down and tie the upper part of the two parts with a cloth strip. Hold your calf with both hands, keep the alignment of one leg and the alignment of the other leg to be flat and high. Then use your hands to bend the body so that the chins overlap and continueDo 20-30 times, this action can tighten the hip muscles.

After doing the above 8 exercises, do not lift the cloth for the time being, put a pillow on the back, straighten your legs, and lie down for 15 minutes.

If you have chills, you can fall asleep with a cloth at night, so you can cure the chills after a while.

These are the most effective exercises for cat backs and O-foot people.

  Third, to help you stand upright long high gymnastics warm-up exercise: move the joints of the extremities, keep the back straight, the upper body leans forward, straight forward and forcefully wave backwards and upwards.

  Walk: Swing your arms sharply and walk forward vigorously.

  Run: Run in small steps with your fists on your shoulders and bend your elbows to face rotation; run and jump 25-50 meters quickly, repeat 4-6 times, and take a break after each time.

  Pull: Lift the human body, then pull in all directions, at the same time lift the heel, repeat 6-8 times, with a little rest in the middle.

  Horizontal bar exercise: drape (20 seconds, 1 minute), at the same time, turn your body to the right, left, and feet together; swing forward and backward; swing clockwise or counterclockwise.

  Jumping pull-ups: Squat, keep your back straight, jump up, grab the horizontal bar, and use the inertia of the jump to pull up (the height of the horizontal bar and the grip distance of your hands vary from person to person).

Repeat at least 6-8 times each time.

  Jump: Jump up, gradually increase, or reach a predetermined height; jump from a slightly higher place; squat to jump.

Make 30-60 jumps in different postures, and press your feet firmly on the ground.

Substitute exercises, but start with the prescribed amount and gradually increase the amount of exercise.

  Take a break after each session to make your breathing smooth and your limbs relaxed.

After finishing the gymnastics, lie flat on the floor, tightening the muscles of the tail and buttocks, slightly raising the waist.

  Exercise once a month for three to thirty-five minutes.

There will be gains if you persist.

  There are many drugs and equipment for increasing height on the market today and the price is high, but the effect is not so good.

In fact, the best way to increase height is to strengthen exercise. The following introduces some effective exercise methods, young friends may wish to try.

  Overhang method: Hold the horizontal bar firmly with both hands to make the body hang in the air, it is better to touch the ground lightly with your toes, and then pull up.

Boys can do it 10-15 times a day.

Girls can do it 2-5 times a day.

The essentials of the exercise are: exhale when the pull-up is up, and inhale when it slowly descends.

After doing the exercises, walk around to relax the muscles.

After you relax your hands, clenched your fists firmly, put your hands on your chest, then release your fingers, then smell your eyes, open your mouth, stretch your brows, relax your muscles, and then lie on the bed to relax your head and arm muscles.
In short, we must learn to rebuild hard and relax as much as possible.

  After the practice of draping is stopped, you can increase the amount of draping on this basis. The method is to hang for 20 seconds, then attach a sandbag for 5 seconds to each leg, and then suspend for 20 seconds. After that, use a beltFix it on the horizontal bar, hang it for 15 seconds, then put on a 10-month iron sand vest, and hang it for 15 seconds.

However, time and weight are not absolute and can vary from person to person.

  Jumping: Jump with both feet trying to touch wooden boards, basketball stands, ceilings, etc.

10 times as a group, jump 5-7 seconds each time, each group is 4-5 minutes apart.

Try to keep your body in a state of maximum contraction.

In addition, participate in basketball, volleyball and swimming regularly.When grabbing basketball and smashing, you must jump hard and actively compete for each high penalty.

Because jumping is the main training content, you should jump about 200 times a day with all your strength.

  Traction method: stand on the mound 20-30 meters high, relax and speed down, then lie down on the floor, with the help of two partners, one partner holds the hands and wrists of the practitioner, the other holds the practitioner’sIn the lower part of the calf, the two people exert force in the opposite direction at the same time, pulling the trunk 2-3 times, 12-15 minutes each time, and repeating 6-10 times.

  This series of exercises can help correct short-leg, spine flexion, broken foot and “O” leg shape defects, transform bone growth, and regulate nerve and endocrine functions and various physiological functions to achieve the optimal state, therebyTo achieve the purpose of heightening.

The most important thing is to be serious and persistent.