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Spleen and stomach are not introduced into medicine

Spleen and stomach are not introduced into medicine

Festive family and friends gather at the festival, there are many business banquets for work, excessive wine and meat, and the number of people visiting the hospital due to spleen and stomach discomfort is increasing.

  The accumulation of food additives Baohe pill spleen and stomach disease is generally manifested as stomach pain, there is always a sense of fullness, loss of appetite, and even hiccups, heartburn and other symptoms, the people are often referred to as “spleen and stomach.”

  After the holiday, the spleen and stomach discomfort is mostly due to stagnation of stomach cramps. Before the onset, patients often have a history of overeating or eating unclean, which is characterized by stagnation of diet, suffocation of dyspepsia such as sour qi, and treatment of digestive dysfunction.The law, with (plus flavor) Baohe pill, 枳 导 导 丸 ,, 木 榔 榔 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木

Among them, Baohe Pills focuses on digestion and heat; Jiawei Baohe Pills focus on Pingsu spleen and dampness and stagnation; stagnation stagnation pills focus on food stagnation and have heat and heat resistance.

  Abdominal bloating extracts fragrant sand and stomach pills. Modern people work under pressure and have a diet.

When the seasons alternate, spleen and stomach diseases are more likely to occur.

For most patients with spleen and stomach disharmony, the spleen and stomach are weak, the appetite is weak due to indigestion, the abdominal pain, the stool is not adjusted, etc. can be adjusted with the fragrant sand and stomach pills.

This side is based on Xiangsha Liujunzi Decoction, adding qi, digestion, and dampness Chinese medicine. It has the effect of spleen appetite, gas stagnation, and wide application range.

However, accompanied by bad breath, nausea, constipation, red tongue yellow and other obvious heat syndrome patients and dry mouth, red tongue Shaojin, stool dry and other yin deficiency patients do not apply this drug.

  If the patient’s stomach is uncomfortable, relieved by sputum or warmth, fatigue, hand and foot are not warm, choose Wenweishu, as the name suggests, it has a warm stomach effect, suffering from stomach cramps, cold, cold and cold.pain.
Deficiency stomach pain granules, stomach Qizhitong pills, Fuzi Lizhong pills are also such drugs.

However, if the tongue is found to have red tongue, yellow or greasy fur, and other symptoms of acute heat and stomach pain, it is not applicable.

  Atrophic gastritis replaces Moro Dandan stomach pain with stomach acid increase and thirst love to drink cold drinks, dry stool, urinary yellow and other heat like stomach heat symptoms, treatment can diarrhea and clear the stomach, you can use Niuhuang Qingwei pills, berberine supernatant tablets,Yiqing Capsule, Xinqingning Tablets, etc.

However, such drugs can not be used or long-term application, and a large amount of use can easily damage the spleen and stomach yang, making the human body empty.

If you do not see a significant improvement after taking it, you should go to the hospital for specialist treatment.

  The history of the disease, the upper abdomen pain and burning pain, dry mouth and throat, drinking water does not quench your thirst, hand and foot heart heat, weight loss, weak tongue, red tongue and other diseases such as stomach yin deficiency spleen and stomach disease, suitable for treatment of stomach and stomach, such drugs and yin deficiencyStomach pain granules, etc.

  If you see bloating, pain, nausea, sticky mouth, mouth bitter, dry mouth, bad breath, bad stools and other symptoms, are caused by damp heat, choose gastrointestinal health.

If diarrhea also occurs, you can take Pueraria chinensis pellets.

  For patients with atrophic gastritis, Morodan is used, and its drug composition is subdivided. As long as the syndrome is given, other stomach diseases can also be taken.

Mainly and stomach down, spleen and swelling, Tongluo analgesic effect, where there are yin deficiency, wet resistance, qi stagnation, blood stasis shift use, but there is qi deficiency, faceless, face and feet are not warm, etc.Patients should not take it.

  Chinese people have more spleen and stomach, and some Chinese medicines can be prepared at home, but they should be treated with symptomatic drugs. If they cannot distinguish them, they should go to the hospital for treatment.