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Best weight loss exercise

Best weight loss exercise

Skating is a sport that combines strength, endurance, speed, coordination, flexibility, flexibility, balance, beauty and stability.

  Jiji, coach of the China Skating Association Coaching Committee, said that skating can not only enhance the body’s balance, coordination and flexibility, but also enhance the heart and lung function and improve aerobic exercise.

Compared with running and cycling, skating has obvious advantages in terms of human consumption, cardiopulmonary function and muscle development.

  The graceful figure skating, which spins and jumps quickly, is a good exercise for the nervous system and the vestibular analyzer.

The vestibular analyzer of the ear is exercised during the rotation and jumping, so that the body’s balance ability is significantly enhanced.

Cheng coach said that according to the study, 5% of the capillaries of the lower extremity muscles are open when sitting, and 90%-98% of the capillaries of the muscles are open when skating at the speed of Mercedes.

Therefore, people who often skate, get extra nutrients on both legs and waist muscles.

Adolescents practice skating, which can also stimulate the bones of the lower limbs and promote bone growth in the lower limbs.

  Exercise lower limb strength to improve the whole body control force coach said that the muscles exercised by skating exercise, mainly distributed in the back of the thigh and hip and lower hip.

If the skater strengthens the arm swing, it will also stimulate the muscles of the forearm and chest.

The specific advantages of skating to improve bodily functions are reflected in the following five aspects.

  1, improve cardiovascular function: the average human heart implant 80-100 times.

People who often skate are only 40-60 times when they are quiet, and 180-200 times when they are exercising.

  2, enhance the balance ability: Yan style balance and a variety of rotating actions for the balance of people of all ages is a good training.

  3, increase the power: the ice in the sliding, Yan style balance for the people who drive often, is an excellent way to exercise the strength of the lower limbs, jumping and rotation is the test and improvement of the body control ability.

  4, flexibility and bounce ability: jumping, rotation, footwork and free-slip combination have a better impact on the body’s soft and bounce ability.

  5, control weight: figure skating is the standard aerobic exercise – that is, after exercise, it is consumed by sputum, not water or sugar; people weighing 60 kilograms will slide for half an hour at a self-inductive intensity, which will consume about150 calories, equivalent to consuming two brio rolls to avoid falling back l.

To choose a safe site, skating in naturally frozen lakes, rivers, and ponds should be ice-free, without ice holes and cracks, and the cracked ice surface should be as close as possible to the shore.

In the early winter and early spring, the ice surface has not been frozen or has begun to melt. Do not go ice skating to avoid an accident when the ice surface is broken.


Beginners who are skating, can not be rushed, learning should be gradual, especially pay attention to maintain the balance of body weight, to avoid falling backwards and break the bad lumbar spine and hindbrain.

When there are many people skating, pay attention to concentration and avoid collision.


During the icing season, the weather is very cold. Wear hats and gloves when skating, keep warm, and prevent frostbite in the cold and exposed parts.


The time of skating should not be too long. It acts in a cold environment and the body’s transfer loss penetrates.

At the time of rest, you should wear a cold-proof outerwear, and at the same time untie the laces of the skates, move the feet, and let the blood circulate, thus preventing frostbite.