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Netizens eat the real experience of Korea No.1

Netizens eat the real experience of Korea No.1

My height is 167cm. I was 106 pounds when I was in college. I started to gain weight from my sophomore year. I was the most powerful in the last semester. I got 128 pounds. After I finished the study, I started to lose weight. When I graduated, I got 116 pounds.It has been kept at around 120 for a while.

  In fact, it is not very fat, but it is more fleshy, and it is concentrated in the upper body. The meat on the small belly is much more than the waist. How to reduce it is not effective. From the weight loss forum, it is more effective to see the green noodle capsule of Korea No.1.I bought a few boxes of heart, and I was a little scared when I first took weight loss pills. I was afraid of side effects.

  The result is still coming. After eating the first day, I feel uncomfortable with dry mouth, my heart beats faster, and my head is dizzy.

However, there is no phenomenon of insomnia, but I always want to sleep.

I didn’t have any appetite when I saw something. My previous appetite was very good.

  Hey, it seems that you want to be beautiful, you have to pay a little price, it is a bit painful, but I am still insisting. Editor’s note: According to relevant people, this kind of weight loss product called “Korea Slimming No. 1” is indeed a substandard product.First of all, from the product’s outer packaging and product name, it seems to be imported products, but its production unit is Xi’an Warwick Health Co., Ltd., which is actually domestic products; secondly, the approval number of the product is Shaanxi Weixin food standard(2003) No. 0044, this is the approval of the “food standard word” for ordinary food. Since it is a common food, it should not promote the “slimming” health function in the product name to mislead consumers.