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Regular dieting with caution gallstones_1

Regular dieting with careful gallstones

In this era of looking face and body, weight loss has always been a hot topic of communication among young women, and some people even use extreme dieting methods to maintain a good body shape.

Long-term diet, you can get a good body, you may also get many diseases, gallstones are one of them.

  Bile bile is caused by the secretion of gallstones. In general, bile acids, bilirubin, phospholipids, cholesterol and calcium, potassium and other elements in bile are dissolved in bile, when bile acids, plasma and phospholipid ratios are imbalanced or bileWhen the fluid dynamics is changed, precipitation is likely to occur and stones are formed.

  Food can stimulate the secretion of bile, shrink the gallbladder, and promote plasma excretion with bile.

People who regularly diet, the contractility of the gallbladder gradually weakens, easily causing thick bile, causing the proportion of bile to change to form crystals, forming stones over time.

  Women are more likely to have gallstones than women with 2-4 times the chance of developing gallstones.

According to clinical statistics, women with hypertension and stones accounted for 63% of women and 37% of men.

  Pregnancy affects the onset of gallstones.

An increase in the age of pregnancy or an increase in the number of pregnancies will increase the incidence of gallstones.

In addition, obesity, irregular diet, improper medication, etc. can also cause gallstones.

  Three meals a day can avoid the treatment of gallstones and gallstones mainly rely on surgery, if you do not want to lick the knife, you should pay attention to eating habits.

Although obesity is not good, overeating can also be detrimental to health.

Essential dieting, three meals irregularly, no breakfast, etc. can lead to the accumulation of steroids in the bile, forming stones.


Scientific weight loss: Obesity easily causes excessive cholesterol in the body and increases the steroid content in the gallbladder, so weight loss has a positive effect on preventing diabetes;

Regular meals: If the interval between meals is long, it will reduce the interruption time of bile acid and enterohepatic circulation, leading to elevated cholesterol.

In addition, proper consumption of lipids and proteins can help stimulate gallbladder emptying and prevent bile stasis.