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7 things you need to disinfect at home

7 things you need to disinfect at home

Some items in the home are easy to breed bacteria, such as toothbrushes, slippers, rags, etc. These items should be disinfected in time.

  Daily necessities that breed bacteria easily, slippers for family members, especially for guests.

  Bacteria that are susceptible to breeding bacteria. Basins, buckets, bathrooms, and all kinds of basins and buckets used in the kitchen will also accumulate dirt over time. Therefore, the basins and buckets should also be exposed to the sun.

  Commodities that are susceptible to breeding bacteria III. Toothbrushes and chopsticks Dental experts have tested toothbrushes used by people and cultured them. Many toothbrushes were found to be contaminated with Candida albicans, hemolytic streptococcus, and pneumococcus.

These bacteria invade the human body through the swallowed or broken gum mucosa, oropharyngeal mucosa, which may cause gingivitis, chronic pharyngitis, stomatitis, and enteritis, sepsis, sepsis and other diseases.

Therefore, dental experts recommend changing toothbrushes regularly, at least every quarter.

  The bamboo chopsticks and wooden chopsticks have been used for a long time, and the tips become rough due to long-term scrubbing, and it is easy to retain bacteria. It is generally best to replace them with about half a year, and when chopsticks are worn, do not use them.

  Daily necessities that are prone to breed bacteria. Shopping bags are the most neglected sanitary dead corners. Long-term use will stain various food residues and dirt, creating a good environment for bacteria to grow.

Therefore, shopping bags should be washed regularly and sterilized with sunlight.

  Daily necessities that are prone to breeding bacteria. 5. Wipes and rags accumulate a large amount of bacteria due to contact with dirt. The areas that have been wiped without disinfection are “dirty”.

Therefore, if you take out the rag frequently, you can get rid of most bacteria.

In addition, the rags need to be changed frequently.

  Tobacco-prone daily necessities 6. Towels and towels are generally placed in the bathroom. Due to insufficient air circulation, it is difficult to dry thoroughly and it is easy to multiply germs.

Therefore, towels are often washed and sterilized after being washed.

  The daily necessities that are prone to breed bacteria Seven, the pillow core is easy to sweat in summer, and the pillow core can easily become a place for hiding germs.

After drying, the pillow core is not only soft, no odor, but also more comfortable to sleep, which can improve sleep quality.