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The most cost-effective skin care method makes you easily have young skin

The most cost-effective skin care method makes you easily have young skin

Natural plants and foods contain a lot of nutrients that the skin and the body need, which have a good cosmetic effect on the skin, a good way to maintain the skin, and a super-saving method.

Is the skin care method introduced by Xiaobian ultra-saving and money-saving? Very economical and practical. You can easily develop beautiful skin. What are you waiting for?

  The most cost-effective skin care method allows you to easily have young skin potato chips. Eye-saving index: ★★★ Principle: Potatoes are rich in powdery starch, which can give the eyes delicate and delicate skin ample rest.

  Steps: Scrape the potato skin, cut the potato into thick slices about 2 cm, apply the potato chips to the eyes when lying on your back, and leave them on for about 5 minutes before washing with water. It is best to do it at night. It can also eliminate eye fatigue.
  Effect: After applying the powder, I feel that the powder and powder contained in the potatoes are applied to the eyes. Long-term adherence can also improve the dark circles and bags under the eyes.

  Product saved: eye mask.

  Hot palm instead of facial sauna saves money index: ★★★★★ Principle: This can be boiled down to a physical principle, which converts thermal energy into the kinetic energy of the skin, but buying a facial sauna can cost money and occupy space.Use our hands instead.

  Steps: After applying the skin care products, rub your hands together until they become hot, then pinch your hands on your shoulders and massage gently. You can also heat the mask in hot water when applying the mask.

  Effect: Heating the face can double the absorption efficiency of the skin, meanwhile, the waste in the skin is discharged, and the pores are reduced.

  Product saved: facial sauna.

  Using salt instead of exfoliating cream to save money index: ★★★★★ Principle: Same as bath salt or exfoliating cream to exfoliate, salt also has a rough surface, and the necrotic temperament layer is broken by friction with the skin epidermis.

  Steps: Mix the salt at home and the facial cleanser thoroughly to knead the foam, then spread it on a wooden board and massage gently, once a week.

  Effect: After washing the face, the skin is too smooth all at once, because the face wash is mixed, the skin will not be dehydrated due to the sodium in the salt.

  Products saved: bath salt, exfoliating cream.

  Vinegar + glycerin instead of mask save money index: ★★★★ Principle: Vinegar has the effect of softening the skin and whitening. Glycerin is a star product in skin care. It can moisturize and give skin a lot of nutrition.

  Steps: After cleansing every night, before going to bed, adjust the ratio of five portions of vinegar to a certain glycerin, apply it on the face and replace it, and wash it off after getting up the next day.

  Effect: Long-term adherence to the skin will gradually become delicate and smooth.

  Products saved: mask, sleep mask.