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The efficacy of hawthorn

The efficacy of hawthorn

The main ingredients of hawthorn: The fruit contains tartaric acid, citric acid, maslinic acid, flavonoids, lactones, sugars and acid esters.

Wild hawthorn fruit contains citric acid, malic acid, maslinic acid, sulfides, saponins, fructose, vitamin C, proteins and fatty acids.

The seeds contain bitter almond pigment, hypericum blend, oil, etc.

Bark contains horse chestnut bark phospholipids.

The fruit still contains vitexin rhamnose content, and the core contains octadecanol-10, ursolic acid, oleanolic acid, carrot compounds, stigmasterol, vanillin, fumaric acid, and succinic acid.

  Food for digestion and stasis-Hawthorn Ma Yueling Hawthorn, flatness, acidity, has the effect of digestion and neutralization, can promote digestion, and is effective for stomach fullness and pain caused by stagnant meat.

Hawthorn also has the effect of dispersing Qi and stasis. It can be used for postpartum lochia, amenorrhea, blood in the stool, etc.

In addition, hawthorn also has a bactericidal and astringent effect, which can be used as diarrhea for pus and enteritis.

  When eating more meat, eating a few grains of fresh hawthorn after a meal can help digestion.

People with large internal heat, purple tongue, and dark hair, drink a few boiled water of fresh hawthorn every day, which can relieve liver qi and digestion.

For women with dysmenorrhea, can the first 2 of each menstrual period come?
For 3 days, drink 4 tablets of ginger, 1 spoon of brown sugar, 4 tablets of hawthorn and boiled water. Once a day, remove cold, nourish blood, and relieve qi and liver.

After drinking for several days, you can prevent and reduce dysmenorrhea.

  For those with high blood pressure and red tongue, you can often eat fresh hawthorn, or drink it with boiled water, or when roasting meat, put a few grains of hawthorn together to braise, instead of the role of vinegar, add less sugar, soThe burnt meat is not only delicious, but also has the effect of reducing pressure and removing fire.

  Adding a small amount of hawthorn to some foods that are easy to get angry can prevent getting angry.

  For example, Teacher Ma Yueling mentioned in the article “Man actually needs the care of Angelica sinensis”, a small amount of hawthorn flour can be added to Angelica flour, the ratio is 5: 1.

The translation is as follows: But when I use Angelica injection to treat people, I find that men often get faster and lasting effects than women.

  When I realized the many benefits of Angelica powder, I started to introduce it to the people around me.

When introduced to men, most of them thought that it was something women eat, which is not acceptable.

Later, I made a lot of Angelica capsules for men, and gave them to men. Of course, I didn’t tell them what they were, but just said that this was a special medicine specially formulated for them according to their physical condition.

Slowly, the feedback came back.

They all asked me what kind of specific medicine this is, and why I became very energetic when I took it.

Some people reported that their blood pressure dropped after eating. Some people reported that they went to drink after eating, and felt that the amount of alcohol had gone up, and they did not feel uncomfortable after drinking. The time for hangover was fast. Some people told me to eat for a month.Lipids decreased significantly afterwards; some people told me that blood sugar dropped significantly after eating; others said that they lost a few pounds after eating.

Others are better with allergic dermatitis.

  I think this is because women are generally more severe than men’s bodies, so the effect will be prominent if they eat for a long time, and the scale of men’s bodies is not as obvious as that of women.After eating angelica powder, I will get angry. I will mix a small amount of hawthorn powder in the angelica powder in the ratio of 5: 1. If I eat it again, the flame will be basically gone.

  The role of hawthorn: strengthening heart, lowering blood lipids, and lowering blood pressure. Clinical studies have confirmed that hawthorn can significantly reduce serum insulin and triglycerides and effectively prevent atherosclerosis. Hawthorn can also increase cardiac output and enlarge cardiac output by enhancing cardiac contractilityCoronary arteries, increase coronary blood flow, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, etc., guide the heart and prevent angina pectoris.

In addition, the total flavonoids in hawthorn have the effect of dilating blood vessels and persistently lowering blood pressure.

Therefore, patients with hyperlipidemia, hypertension and coronary heart disease can take raw hawthorn 15?
30 grams, decoction for tea.

  Anti-cancer, anti-cancer research in recent years found that hawthorn contains a compound called vitexin, which has an anti-cancer effect.

Nitrosamines and aflatoxins cause the occurrence or aggravation of absorption tract cancers, and experimental studies have shown that hawthorn extract can replace the synthesis of nitrosamines and inhibit the carcinogenesis of aflatoxins.

Therefore, people at high risk of digestive tract cancer should often eat hawthorn. For patients who have already suffered from cancer, they can also use hawthorn and rice to cook porridge if they have indigestion, which can help digestion and help fight cancer.Role.
  Hawthorn diet is popular ● Hawthorn brown sugar water material: 120 grams of fresh hawthorn, 50 grams of brown sugar.

  Production: Wash and mash the fresh hawthorn first, then put it into the pot with brown sugar, add 500 ml of water, and cook for 30 minutes on medium heat.

Remove the dregs and use utensils, add after meals.

Should be taken every other day.

  Note: People with peptic ulcer, hyperacidity or diabetes should not drink this sugar water.

  ● Hawthorn and wolfberry porridge materials: 30 grams of hawthorn, 15 grams of wolfberry, and 50 grams of rice.
  Production: Hawthorn, wolfberry, and rice are washed together and put into a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boiled with Wuhu, then boiled with simmered fire, and eat until the temperature increases.

  Note: People with ulcer disease and hyperacidity are not suitable to eat, and this porridge is not suitable for patients with low blood pressure.
  ● Hawthorn salvia porridge material: 30 grams of hawthorn, 30 grams of salvia, 100 grams of rice, moderate amount of rock sugar.

  Production: Wash the salvia slices, hawthorn slices, and rice.

Then put salvia miltiorrhiza and hawthorn into the pot, add the right amount of water to decoction and take the medicine.

After the medicinal sauce is fried, remove the residue and increase the rice to make porridge.

After the porridge is finished, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar.

  Note: People with ulcers and too much stomach acid should not eat this porridge.

This porridge is sour and should not be consumed on an empty stomach.

  ● Hawthorn lotus leaf tea material: 30 grams of hawthorn, 15 grams of lotus leaves, 9 grams of locust flower, a small amount of white sugar.

  Production: Wash the hawthorn, lotus leaves, and locust flowers, then put them into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water to cook, then remove the residue from the medicine, add a small amount of sugar to taste, and use a container to prepare the tea.

  Note: People with ulcer disease, hyperacidity or diabetes should not take it.