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How to prevent three major diseases

How to prevent three major diseases

In addition to carefully choosing foods for a healthy diet, you must also pay attention to how food is eaten, because scientific food methods can make ordinary foods have magical effects.

It can be as small as a cold, cough, constipation, abdominal pain, bloating, or mouth ulcers, or as big as high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, diabetes, or arteriosclerosis. If you eat it right, you will have magical effects.

  A well-known Japanese nutrition expert and medicated diet expert Abe Ayako’s “Eat healthier like this” opened a convenient door for us to understand the magical effects of food. Let’s start pure natural, no substitute food treatment today!

  Bread for the poor—potatoes for stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers, hypertension, anemia, eczema, burns, frostbite, constipation Potatoes ◇ The best season to eat: Spring and Autumn ◇ Selection points: smooth surface, no damage ◇ EatMethod: Grated, boiled, and roasted

Here I will introduce the practice of potato rice cake.

  Take 4-5 potatoes and cook until ready to use.

After mashing a bowl of leftover rice, mix well with the cooked potatoes and add 200 grams of starch at a time.

Knead until the hardness of the rice cake dough is similar to the hardness of the earlobe, knead the dough into a rod shape with a diameter of about 5 cm, and then cut into 1.

5 cm thick disc.

Put an appropriate amount of flour in the pan and heat it, and bake the rice cake pieces until they are browned on both sides.

The rice cakes baked with flour are delicious, sweet and nutritious.

Unbaked rice cakes can be stored frozen.

  Potatoes are grown at least widely, and vitamin C can be added. Vitamin C in potatoes will not be lost when heated.

In addition, potatoes also contain potassium, iron, amino acids, and trace amounts of atropine with a calming effect.

Potato has a variety of medicinal effects, and is widely used to help treat gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, hypertension, anemia, eczema, burns, frostbite, constipation and other diseases.

In Germany, potatoes are called “the bread of the poor”; in France, they are called “the apples of the earth.”

  Potatoes are useful ◆ Squeezing potato juice to treat gastric ulcers. Vitamin C in duodenal ulcer potatoes can purify gastric mucosa and effectively alleviate gastric ulcers and other diseases.

How to eat: Wash the fresh potatoes, peel and crush them, filter them with filter paper to make raw potato juice, and place 1 tbsp (about 15 ml) on an empty stomach every morning and evening.

This method is also effective for treating chronic constipation.

  ◆ Boiled potato juice can alleviate high blood pressure. Potassium ions in anaemia potatoes can inhibit the contraction of blood vessels by sodium ions and damage the cardiovascular system.

People with high blood pressure or edema due to renal dysfunction are recommended to try boiled potato juice.

  Method: After the potatoes are washed, cut into slices with skin and put into a pot, add 1 liter of water. After boiling, remove the foam. When the foam no longer appears, change to low heat and cook for 1 hour, then filter with filter paper.Add 1 tea cup (about 280 ml) of boiled potato juice in the morning and evening.

In addition to those with high blood pressure, people with anemia and poor stomachs can drink potato juice.

Note: People with kidney disease should not drink boiled potato juice.

  ◆ External application of mashed potato to treat eczema Apply the mashed mashed potato to a paper towel and apply it to the affected part.

Change several times a day.

  ◆ Roasted potatoes for frostbite. Roast unpeeled potatoes on a wire net until the surface is burnt black, cut in half, remove the yellow part in the middle, apply evenly on a paper towel, and stick to the frostbite.

Some ingredients in potatoes have anti-inflammatory effects, which can quickly relieve frostbite symptoms.

  ◆ Potato balls can effectively fight off cockroaches. To say the least popular guests, you need to count the cockroaches in the kitchen.

Cockroaches have a strong ability to reproduce and are difficult to deal with.

Add fat and milk to mashed potatoes, and then add 1/10 of boric acid (H3BO3, white powder, which can be used as an insecticide to control cockroaches, termites and other pests).Corner, you can play its superior role in fighting off cockroaches.

If you are bothering with cockroaches in the kitchen, we recommend you try this method.

  Note: Be sure to keep it out of the reach of children.

  The God of Health and Protection——Carrots treat anemia, colds, constipation, hypertension, cancer prevention, stomach health, and beauty carrots. ◇ The best season to eat: Autumn and winter seasons.: Refrigeration is the highest. Carrots can use both carotene and vitamins B1, B2, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other vitamins and minerals.

Because vitamin B2 and folic acid in carrots have anti-cancer effects, regular consumption can enhance the body’s anti-cancer ability, so it is called “vegetables to prevent cancer.”

A study by American scientists has shown that eating carrots regularly can prevent lung cancer.

  Carrots also contain an enzyme that can decompose vitamin C, vitamin C oxidase, so carrots are eaten with white radish added with vitamin C, so the nutritional value of white radish is greatly reduced.

However, adding a small amount of vinegar to carrots and white radishes can protect vitamin C from damage.The Japanese radish and radish shreds often eaten during Chinese New Year are a reasonable and nutritious dish.

  Carrot magic ◆ Daily supplementation of carrot juice can prevent cancer Carotene, vitamin B2, folic acid and other ingredients in cancer can prevent cancer.

It is recommended that you stick to taking carrot juice every day.

It is certainly best to eat a carrot every day, but I think that persistence is the most important. It is okay to eat a small amount every day.

  Carrots have the effect of lowering blood pressure, can protect the mucosal tissues of the throat and nasal cavity, and enhance the body’s resistance to bacteria.

If you have high blood pressure or are susceptible to colds, it is best to drink a glass of carrot juice every day to lower blood pressure and strengthen your immunity.

  ◆ Eating carrots regularly can effectively treat mild anemia. Iron in carrots has a blood tonic effect. People with mild anemia should eat them regularly.

Carrots also have the effect of warming up and strengthening the body. It is an ideal vegetable for cold syndrome patients, the elderly and children.

Eating stewed carrots while it is hot can play its role well.

  ◆ Carrot juice can relieve constipation. Carrots can promote digestion. Substituting carrot juice can effectively relieve constipation.

If you pair carrots with vegetables that are expected to precipitate fiber, laxative effects are better.

The Japanese like to fry burdock with carrots, I think that’s why.

  The method of carrot juice: 500 grams of carrots are mashed in a mortar, the carrot juice is filtered, and an appropriate amount of honey is added.

  All-purpose medicinal vegetables — green onions for colds, headaches, diarrhea, fever, headaches, soreness, bruises, frostbite, insomnia and other diseases, improve appetite, promote digestion, and strengthen green onionsSelection points: Onion leaves and onion white are clearly distinguished. ◇ Eating method: raw food, chopped, decoction, roasting. ◇ Preservation method: The onion is mainly used as a seasoning in a cool and ventilated place.

Japanese written records of green onions first appeared in the “Japanese Book” (Japan’s original true history, completed in 720 AD), and appeared earlier in China.

It is said that humans began to cultivate shallots 3,000 years ago. In the long years since then, people have gradually discovered that shallots have extremely high medicinal value.

  Welsh onion can help treat colds, insomnia, headache, spleen and other diseases, as well as promote digestion, strengthen the body, increase appetite and other effects.

  The propylene-based sulfide in the light green is enough to make the green onion have a special spicy odor, and enhance the digestive function of the human body, promote blood circulation, and kill bacteria in the body.

Therefore, when eating hot pot, you should generally zoom in onions, and Japanese style yakitori also has onion segments.

In addition, green onions also contain a pungent odor substitute, which can gently stimulate the bronchial mucosa and help relieve cold symptoms such as nasal congestion.

  The onion leaves are rich in vitamins such as carotene and vitamin C.

Chives, shallots, winter onions and other varieties also have vitamins and have high nutritional value.

  The wonderful use of spring onions ◆ The spring onion soup can effectively alleviate the symptoms of the early cold. I have always been afraid of cold. I often catch colds in the cold winter.

Once I had a cold, I tried to drink some spring onion soup while it was hot, but after a day of rest, the cold was completely cured.

It can be seen that the onion soup has excellent effects in the early stages of the cold.

  The practice of spring onion soup: chop a green onion on a white, add 1 teaspoon of miso, pour in boiling water, and stir well.

It can be used several times a day. It can even warm the body, promote sweating, and reduce fever.

This method is very effective in the early stages of a cold.