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10 compulsory lessons for 30-year-old skin


10 compulsory lessons for 30-year-old skin

The skin also has age. If the skin is not well maintained, the age will be written on the bladder soon.

We all want to make the age of the skin significantly different from the actual age, to maintain young skin, then these 10 maintenance courses, for 30-year-olds, do not skip the course.

  Lesson 1 Antioxidant Antioxidant to the skin is a vital skincare step to fight against aging.

There are many types of creams on the surface of cities that contain antioxidants.

However, their efficacy is the same: it reduces the damage of free radicals in the environment to the skin, including ultraviolet rays, smoke and free radicals in cigarettes.

Good antioxidant products should minimize injuries and improve the condition of the skin.

  The most effective antioxidant is phlorizin, which is present in coffee beans in excess. This substance consists of vitamin C and ferulic acid, and contains idephenol, which distinguishes skin care products before bedtime and morning.Helps a variety of skin care products to their best effect.

  Lesson 2 Omnipotent Vitamin A Today’s beauty products are rich in effective vitamin A or retinoids.

However, vitamin A contained in ordinary beauty products that are usually available over the counter is not targeted because it works with many other active ingredients. If the skin care effect you require improves skin texture and delays aging, then the typeThe product is enough to meet your needs.

  And if your own skin problem is more serious, deep wrinkles and seams, excessive sun exposure, etc., you will need to use medicinal substitute products to achieve more obvious results. Professional products developed by dermatologists will absolutelyTargeted.

These products may have a stinging sensation in the initial use, but after shortening, you can see more obvious results.

Overseas, such brand benefits can be purchased abroad, such as RoC, Philosophy; domestically, Filicon, Dr.

Brandt and other brands choose.

  Lesson 3 Never get tired of sunscreen. Is it possible to try anti-aging products late?

The biggest anti-aging project is sun protection.

If you stick to sunscreen every day of your life, your skin will not age from the sun.

  Those who do not pay attention to sun protection in their teens should pay more attention after 20 years of age.

Daily skin care products are best to use the broad-spectrum sun protection function of SPF15, which can simultaneously resist sun damage including UVB and UVA. These are the culprits leading to skin aging and skin cancer.

Like night cream, you can use vitamin A-like products.

  It’s really troublesome to use sunscreen every day. Sometimes I really want to be lazy. For example, there is no need to rub sunscreen on cloudy days, right?

  The answer is: Absolutely not. You can avoid makeup, but you must not apply sunscreen.

Doris Day, associate professor of clinical medicine at New York University, called sunscreen a day cream. She said: “No matter how thick the clouds are, they can’t block UVA and UVB, so you must apply sunscreen even on cloudy days.

“Lesson 4 I will struggle with weight all my life. Suddenly one day, you will find that your skin condition is not as good as before. Are you afraid?

The aging of the skin is coming so quickly.

And the incredible thing is, looking back recently, have you experienced a drop in weight?

  The most direct way to save skin gloss is to maintain weight.

Dieting or losing weight can easily loosen skin and lose elasticity.

Patricia Wexler, an assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Miami, often advises people to keep their current weight, because it is easy to rebound after losing weight, and then continue to lose weight after rebound.

The meaning here is not to ask you to give up weight loss, or to avoid repeated weight loss, in order to reduce the cost of burden on the skin. When you reach a weight that you think is more satisfactory, try to maintain it.

  Lesson 5 In the neckline of a woman, someone said: “A neckline means 10 years old. How many neckline you have means how old you are.

“This is a bit mean, but it does have a warning effect.

In fact, most of the skin care products that can be used at both ends are also suitable for restructuring. When rubbing the sleeves every day, do not ignore the parts below the jaw.

If you invest in a neck cream, you will naturally overcome the pertinence and pay attention to your posture. For example, do not keep your head down, do not lie in bed and watch TV, or read a book. These bad habits will cause the neckline to worsen.

  If you want to see immediate results, it is best to turn to botulinum toxin.

Botox can reduce sagging aunts and horizontal lines on the neck by reducing muscle activity, relaxing above and close to the muscle tissue of the face.

To make the skin firm, a dermatologist recommends an instrument that releases ultrasound to raise the temperature of the skin surface to achieve smoothness and firmness.

  Lesson 6 Eye troubles often have dark circles and bags under the eyes. What should I do?

The method may be simpler than you think.The best way is not to stay up late and not drink water before going to bed.

Also, reduce your salt intake and exercise more.

  Women living in coastal areas are more susceptible to dark circles than those living on land. Their circles are almost brown and there is a long period of melanin deposition around their eyes.

This part of the people want to eliminate dark circles, it is best to use high-protein antioxidants, or vitamin-containing whitening products, which can penetrate the skin around the eyes and neutralize the melanin in the skin.

  If the color of dark circles is purple, it is bruise caused by blood vessel swelling.

This type of dark circles is common in smokers and people near the equator.

Ordinary eye creams are not suitable for purple and dark circles. According to experts, no product can cure purple circles at present.

Use of products containing vitamin K and vitamin A will have some effect.

  The fastest way to treat dark circles is with a laser.

The Fraxel laser can specifically target brown dullness, and the purple bruise requires Vbeam laser, which requires about two to three treatments.

  Lesson 7 Are you Botox today?

  Nowadays, injection of botulinum toxin has become common practice. After all, this is the most effective way to improve wrinkles and speed. However, professional aestheticians do not encourage customers to try this method easily.

  Many people worry that they will experience botulism.

Once botulinum toxin enters other parts of the bladder, it may cause facial paralysis or gout.

In fact, such concerns are not unfounded.

Among those who are injected with botulinum toxin, 1% to 3% will have symptoms of drooping eyelids within four months after the injection. Although this symptom is not easy to cure, it is disturbing after all.

  The U.S. FDA announced the “Botox Safety Reexamination Program” in May this year. They also seem to plan to regulate the use of botulinum toxin. In China, many users who inject botulinum toxin have no clear understanding of the dangerI think that it is enough to find an experienced doctor, and the most important point of injecting botulinum toxin is to consider its safety first.

  Lesson 8 Skincare Foundation Many foundation products imply the addition of anti-aging ingredients to nourish the skin while applying makeup.

To achieve, the foundation with covering function can hide dark circles, stains and wrinkles, it is an essential thing for mature women.

Dermatologist Heather Woolery-Lliyd believes that “with sufficient active ingredients in cosmetic formulas, the purpose of camouflage real age can be achieved.

“For example, adding the right amount of vitamin A to the foundation can relieve wrinkles and crow’s feet between 3 and 4 months.

In addition, whitening ingredients are added to the foundation, which can achieve a certain effect of eliminating pigmentation and dark circles.

However, the main role of foundation is to conceal and conceal it. This is the first principle for selecting foundations, and the important task of improving skin condition, you can still give it to daily care products.

  Lesson 9: Penetration Forces. Looking at the ingredient list and carefully selected anti-aging products, it is obviously obviously different, but why the effects of A and B are so different, the secret lies in the penetration of the product.

The key point of effective and ineffective maintenance of the product’s penetrability was thoroughly maintained, and preliminary substrate products came into being.

  On the same test strip, one side is coated with the base liquid first and then the skin care products, and the other side is directly coated with the skin care products. It can be intuitively seen that the side that has been coated with the base liquid penetrates quickly and the penetration degreeDeep, can pass directly through the test paper.

The other side stays on the surface.

Base products may completely change the future of skin care.

  Lesson 10 Don’t die fish face With the increase of age, the skin will become slack and will soon become stiff. Here we will introduce another topic in the beauty industry besides the famous oxidation concept-saccharification.

Dr. Sven Gohla of La Prairie once said: Unlike skin oxidation caused by excessive free radical reactions, saccharification will increase sugar residue in the skin’s original collagen and elastic fibers, causing some “semi-chemical reactions.”

These “semi-chemical reactions” will degrade the skin’s connected tissues such as collagen and elastic fibers, making them fragile and stiff, and the skin will lose its original elasticity.

  And Chanel explained the skin saccharification process with an interesting test. Raw sugar without any auxiliary materials was soft and elastic in the initial state. Squeezing or pressing will not affect its recovery.shape.

The process of gradual cooling of sugar, just like the process of saccharification of the skin, is no longer soft and fragile. When it is completely cooled, any attempt to change the shape of sugar will lead to the consequences of breaking and breaking.

And anti-glycation skin care products, what to do is to change the skin into soft marshmallow, not become brittle and stiff because of the glycation reaction.